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Find a taxi from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris and avoid scams

finding a taxi in charles de gaulle airportGetting a taxi at CDG airport in Paris is the easiest way to go to the city center from there. No need to book in advance, Parisian taxis are lining up outside the airport all day and night to pick up clients from incoming flights.

Other airport transfer options

There are other transportation options from the airport to go to the city, which are the private shuttle buses and the RER public transport (metro line).

Private shuttles

Paris airport private shuttles are known to be unreliable and more expensive than a taxi ride. Around €100 for an airport transfer to the city center. You have to book them in advance online and also pay in advance for most of them.

If your flight is delayed, it is likely that they won’t wait since they have other customers to take care of. You then will have to call them back for a pick up and wait another 40 minutes, not so nice after a tiring flight.

Air France Shuttles

Air France Airline company has its own shuttles that will take you to the center of Paris Place de l’Etoile (where Arc de Triomphe monument is) for €17. It is a good option if you are staying close from this place. Otherwise you will have to get a taxi from Place de l’Etoile to  your final destination, which altogether will cost nearly as much as a taxi transfer right from the airport.

where to go to find a taxi in CDG

RER metro line

RER metro lines are a cheap and efficient way to get to the city center, at around €10 for a ticket. However if you carry a lot of luggage, it gets complicated with lots of stairs to climb and crowded trains during peak hours. If it is your first time in Paris and you aren’t used to underground transportation systems I would avoid the RER line on your first arrival to Paris and take a taxi instead.

How to find a taxi in CDG

You should only look for and use the official Parisian taxis, regulated, authorized and controlled by Paris administration.

taxi signs inside paris airport terminal

They are located outside of every Charles de Gaulle terminal. Once you have picked up your luggage and cleared customs, follow the blue taxi signs in the airport. They will guide you to the taxi queue which will be immediately visible and identifiable as you exit the terminal.

Just line up and a wait for the handler to come to you, he will most likely speak English and ask you where you are headed to get you a vehicle that fits your party (don’t tip him). You won’t have to wait more than a few minutes.

taxi stand to get an airport transfer

You might want to print out the exact address of your stay as well as the name of the closest metro station. This will help the driver to understand where you want to go, especially if your French is a little rusty.

Allow 45 minutes to an hour for the trip depending on traffic.

Here is the list of Exit gate numbers where taxi stands are located depending on your arrival terminal:

Terminal 1: Exit 24 on the arrivals level.
Terminal 2A: Exit 6.
Terminal 2C: Exit 14.
Terminal 2D: Exit 7.
Terminal 2E: Gate 12 on the arrivals level.
Terminal 2F: Gate 12 ont the arrivals level.
Terminal 2G: Blue gate.
Terminal 3: Exit of the arrivals hall.

Avoid the taxi scams

There are some taxi scams going on at CDG Paris airport, but they can be easily avoided. They usually take place inside the terminal. Someone will come to you and ask you if you want a taxi. Just decline by saying “non merci” and keep going outside the terminal for the official taxis.

get a licensed taxi at the airport

They might also come to you saying that taxis are on strike today, and that they can help you with that. Just keep going and check at the taxi line what is going on.

Most of these rogue drivers are not allowed to operate as taxis in Paris and aren’t licensed for it. They will try to tempt you with flat fares but you are better off taking a metered taxi. If you go with them, nothing bad will happen to you, you just will pay two to three times the regular price of a taxi fare from the airport to the city.

How to recognize an official Parisian taxi

Parisian taxis have a light on their roof with a sign that says “TAXI PARISIEN”, they also won’t charge you a fixed price, but have a meter inside the car, that will calculate the fare by computing the distance and time of travel. Genuine Parisian taxis are the only transport vehicle allowed to stand right outside the airport terminal exits.

licensed parisian taxi sign

Parisian taxis are highly regulated by Paris administration, and it cost a driver a fare amount of money to get his taxi licence. They aren’t known for scamming tourist or take them on the “long route” to increase the fare.

They might not take the shortest route to destination, but most of the time this is for traffic jam reasons, which would increase the fare if you were caught in it.

How much for a taxi from CDG to the city center?

The base line is in between €50-70 and then will vary depending on several factors. Week days or weekends, hour of the day, density of traffic, number of people in the taxi. There is an extra charge after the 3rd person, and the amount and size of luggage with an extra cost after the first piece per passenger.

If you want a more precise estimate of your taxi trip cost, you can use the World Taxi Meter calculator.

Paris taxi fares

Tariff C applies to CDG airport taxi transfers. Click on image below to zoom in.

fares of parisian taxi

Approach Taxi fares

Approach fares apply when you call a taxi. It represents the cost for the taxi to go from its location at the moment of the call to the pick up place. Note that there are no approach fares when you get a taxi from a Taxi stand at the airport or wherever in Paris.

taxi approach fares in paris

Payment methods

Payment can be made with Visa and Master cards, but ask the driver before you go. You can also pay with Euros. ATM machines are available inside the terminal if you want to withdraw money. Don’t withdraw Euros in your home country, your bank will charge you 10% higher than the rate you will get out of an ATM in Paris.

You don’t need to tip your driver, it is included in the fare you are paying. If you were happy with the service, you can always round up the payment to the next couple of Euros if you pay in cash.