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Paris bed and breakfast: How to find the best B&B in Paris ?

paris b&bBed and breakfast accommodation in Paris is a great way to get in touch with the Parisian way of living.

It is also a wise choice from a budget perspective knowing that the average cost per night for a double room is around €95, which is about half the average price of a hotel room in Paris.

The price of the room will be influenced by the location of the property the quality of the room fittings and the rental season. It can be as low as €50 per night to around €200.

The trouble

The trouble starts with skimming through the thousands of offers floating around the web. The popularity of B&B in the capital city has attracted properties for rent that are far from complying with basic guest caring principles.

bed and breakfast paris trocadero

Where to start

You should start with the B&B rental companies that enforce the quality charters implemented by Paris city council and the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Paris. These companies will make sure that the bed and breakfast they list comply with the charter rules.

There are two charters endorsed by Paris tourism officials. The Authentic B&B and Hôte de Qualité Paris. Here are their respective logos:

B&B quality charter logos

Paris bed and breakfast charters are about providing the guests with quality regarding the room, the welcome and the breakfast, at a fair price.

bed and breakfast central paris

Rentals company complying with the charters

Alcove & Agapes B&B in Paris


Meeting the French


B&B in Paris


Bed & Breakfast


Une Chambre en Ville


France Lodge


Good Morning Paris


bed and breakfast garibaldi paris

Other ways to find a good bed and breakfast in Paris

B&B on Tripadvisor website

Tripadvisor list over 130 bed and breakfast in Paris and rank them according to customer reviews. Go to this page and sort the results by rankings.

Independent owners recommended by Paris tourism Office





bed and breakfast paris 15th arrondissement