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Paris bus food tour – The Bustronome

bus food tour paris in bustronomeThe gourmet dinner tour bus idea might seem a little tacky to you and somewhat of a tourist trap but think of this new way of touring Paris as a fine dinner cruise on wheels.

That’s what the Bustronome dinner tour is about. Enjoying fine French gastronomy as you keep your eyes wide open to capture Paris wonders.

Bustronome is first a restaurant with its chef preparing the fresh products in his kitchen on the first level of a modern double-Decker bus.

Guests savor on the second level under a dome of glass windows properly seated and served  a consistent gourmet level meal, by friendly staff.

inside the bustronome paris bus tour

You might be wondering how glasses and plates don’t go flying on the next table on every stop and start. The ride is surprisingly very smooth and a clever Plexiglas structure holds the glasses in the middle of the table and prevent them from spilling.

bustronome best paris tour

Bustronome runs a Lunch and dinner tour. Dinner starts at 7.55 pm so you get a chance to see Paris by night, not just the monuments but also the interiors of chic Parisian apartments since you are high up the ground.

menu sample of bustronome paris tour

You will get a proper six-course meal served to you over the 2.5 hours ride between Paris major monuments and landmarks. The dinner tour is timed so the bus arrives at the Eiffel tower right when the lights start to twinkle, very romantic.

Each table has an individual device that allows to point spots on a map and get the information delivered out of the pointer from a speaker. I liked this system since it is non intrusive and you can have the information you need about the place you see without being disruptive of your dinner. Here is a map of the tour with Paris landmarks visited:

paris sightseeing bustronome itinerary

Tours are available seven days a week for lunch time and dinner. Prices start at €65 to €125 depending of the options. It is not bad considering the fact that most walking tours will charge €50 per person so at €65 for a 2 hours gourmet tour, it is a good deal.

dinner bus gourmet food tours in paris

Contact details:

Tel: +33 (0) 954 444 555
Email: contact@bustronome.com