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Exciting things to do in Paris at night

Going out for a drink

montparnasse tower illuminated at the occasion of les nuits blanche in Paris.Paris is known worldwide for its nights out whether you are looking for a VIP club on the Champs Elysées or just a cosy bar to enjoy with friends on the left bank.

Each area tend to have its own style and attract a different type of customers. Jet setters and celebrities on champs Elysees hipsters and artsy people on the right bank.

Lounge bars and clubs in Le Marais area gather the gay community.

Prices will also differ depending on location much stepper around Champs Elysees and left bank, on the lower end in the eastern part of the capital.

Trendy bars in Paris

– Left bank ( Latin quarter – St Germain des Prés)
corner café bar du marché on st germain area 6th arr.The left bank has a mix of new places and well established ones like Bar du Marché. Left bank style is very cosy and speakeasy with very researched decoration inspired by old English pubs or New-York type of decor.

There are several go to stylish and select places for the fashion industry people like the Curio Parlor, Le Prescription Cocktail Club or Le Schmuck Saint Germain.

Also worth your time are wine bars to spend a good time with friends and family. La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels is one of them located behind St Germain market.

– Bars around Le louvre area
This is the historical center of Paris, you will find several nice places for a drink nearby famous monuments view of the Louvre glass pyramid from café marlylike Café Marly in Le Louvre, or café Beaubourg facing George Pompidou modern art center. This is the place where Paris media world meets and it is not unusual to cross path with TV presenters and journalists.

Among the trendy places there is Le Costes, decorated by designer Philippe Starck which is also a hotel and a restaurant. In the pedestrian area of Montorgueil you’ll find the DEPUR a nice place for drinks and food. Café Etienne Marcel in the same area offers relaxing lounge music and nice cocktails.

If you are into innovative cocktails I recommend that you try out the Experimental Cocktail Club on St Sauveur street. This bar also has a dance floor with DJ’s on week ends.

– Lounge bars and breweries in Le Marais area
old zinc countertop of café charlot in marais districtMore laid back cocktail bars with a cosy atmosphere has been the trend in Le Marais area these past years.

La Candelaria is one of them serving Mexican food on one side and cocktails in a cosy atmosphere on the other.

Le Progrès and Café Charlot are also nice places for a glass of wine and an early evening snack.


– Bars and clubs in Paris 9th and 10th districts
This area has always been in Paris the go to place for concerts and popular breweries. Le Mauri7 and Chez inside view of chez jeannette café in the 10th arrondissment of parisJeannette are very popular and often crowded.

Also in the same area Le Napoléon dedicated to the French emperor, ideal for a drink with friends. Near St Martin canal, Le Floréal offers nice cocktails in a friendly atmosphere.

The Bus Palladium has been a kick starter place for some famous French artist. It offers live concerts and a restaurant on the first floor.


– Bars in the 10-11th districts near Bastille square and Oberkampf street
canal st martin bridge at nightThis area is truly the heart of Paris trendy nightlife. Oberkampf street alone gathers historical famous places like Le café Charbon opened since 1900 and modern places like Aux Deux Amis, very popular for the traditional French apéro (early evening before dinner drink).

Also near Oberkampf the Udo Bar will take you to a Berlin like electro bar with good DJs, beer and sausage.

Down to République square (place de la République) you’ll find several good live concert bar like the Zéro Zéro, the Pop in and the Panic Room.

The banks of Canal St Martin are the other trendy area in that part of Paris. Lots of good addresses around there, among which are Chez Prune, Jemmapes and Chez Marcel an Indian inspired bar.

– Trendy bars near Pigalle and Montmartre area
Pigalle area has always been known for its hectic nightlife. There are plenty of nice trendy places to go out cocktail bar le carmen in parisfor a drink.

Le Carmen cocktail bar is one of them featuring live concerts and DJs at night. Another trendy place in that area is Le Sans-Souci a traditional brewery style bar.

Paris hipsters favorite is Le Mansart with a 1950’s design. Le Lautrec and Le Glass also are pretty popular.



– Clubs and lounge bars on Champs Elysées
giant plant wall inside the pershing hall hotel in 8th arrondiseementChamps Elysées area does not fall short of nice trendy bars. Expect prices to be a lot steeper than anywhere else in Paris.

The Pershing Hall restaurant has a nice lounge bar in an open patio. On Marceau avenue Le Baron is the most trendy place there.

The Buddha bar lives to its reputation but if you are looking for a quieter place Le Sir Winston bar will do fine with nice original cocktails and rare whiskies.

Where to dance in Paris:

– VIP clubs
Inside the vip room club in 1st arrondissement of parisTop clubs in Paris are hard to get in and very selective but that’s what makes them attractive to clubbers and renown worldwide like the Baron Club or the famous Regine’s club (recently renovated).

For those attracted by these high end clubs, the choice is wide but you could start with the VIP room and Le Montana and if the night is still young jump to the Silencio.


– Hype clubs in Paris
curio parlor paris left bank cocktail barThe nightlife industry is very creative in Paris and ever reinvent itself creating new concepts and ambiances.

New hype clubs come to life all over the capital and are for a while the new place to be like the Pompon, build inside an old synagogue or the Curio Parlor decorated with taxidermied animals.

You might also want to try the Bus Palladium and La Fidélité for a true Parisian experience.

In the mood to get off the beaten tracks? Then check out Le Renard on a Karaoke night and Le Rouge Pigalle or the Nano Club for a more intimate experience.

– Party on a houseboat on Seine River

boat nightclub batofar on seine riverGoing out on one of the houseboat clubs is a great way to party in Paris. Whether on Seine river or one of the waterway like canal de l’Ourcq you will have a great time.

the best houseboats to party are anchored in front of the France National Library (BNF). Most famous are Le Petit Bain and Le Batofar.

One of the latest club on water in Paris is the Wanderlust it is also a restaurant and a bar with a great view on the water.

– Night clubs

Le queen club during crowded hoursIf you are looking for a traditional nightclub to dance on latest chart music, the most famous are the Rex Club, the Queen, the Back up or the Machine du Moulin Rouge.





– The electro clubs in Paris

showcase club under alexandre III bridgeIf you are a fan of electro music The clubs you are looking for in Paris are The Social Club or the Showcase located below Alexandre III bridge.



Paris cabaret shows

Cabaret shows are part of the Parisian identity. They have contributed to Paris sensuality image. They are still to this day a major tourist attraction in Paris and live to their reputation.

exotic show in lido cabaret in 8th arrondissementThe most famous ones are the Lido, the Moulin Rouge, the Crazy Horse, the Mugler Follies but also the Bel Canto and the Penthouse Club. Each one of them has its own style.


Le Lido is located on the Champs Elysées. Current show is call “Bonheur” (happiness) involving 70 performers wearing 600 costumes during the same show.

The latest Crazy Horse show is more minimalist but none the less spectacular. It is devoted to feminine sensuality and seduction.

french cancan dance in moulin rougeThe Moulin Rouge in Montmartre has been in operation for over 120 years. It offers a more traditional cabaret show with part of it, the famous French Cancan dance.

In its last show, Moulin Rouge features 80 dancers wearing 1000 costumes during their performance so get ready for some sumptuous extravagance.