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Unusual and unique visits of Paris

So you’ve been there and done that. Good, you are ready to go off the tourist beaten paths. In the mood for doing something a little different and unique during your visit? Here are some unusual and interesting activities:

Le manoir de Paris (the haunted manor house of Paris)

haunted house in paris 10th arr.Discover the city of lights dark side and get thrilled. Le manoir de Paris is a unique attraction between a museum and a haunted house retracing 13 of the scariest Paris historical legends.
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Le ballon de Paris

balloon rides from andré citroen park in the 15th arr.Take some air above the French capital with Paris helium balloon. It is anchored to the ground by a cable and will get you 150 m above Paris for a unique view and back.

Flies everyday when win conditions are appropriate.
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Attend a Drouot public auction

auction house hotel drouot in ParisDrouot is the oldest public auction house sales in Paris. They are dealing with collectible objects and art.

Open Monday to Friday. Public exhibition of objects in the morning and sales start at 2 PM.
Auctions details here.



Behind the scene visit of the Eiffel tower

inner metalic structure of eiffel towerDiscover restricted areas not accessible to visitors a guided tour to explore the hidden side of the emblem of Paris.
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Visit of Paris catacombs

Underground corridor with skulls and bones walls in paris catacombsExplore the underground side of town. The catacombs are the ancient stone mine used to build the city.

Hundreds of kilometers of tunnels under the capital, that have later been used to store human skeletons removed from Paris cemeteries.
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The perfume museum by Fragonard

fragonard perfume museum 9th arrondissementA free guided tour of perfume manufacturing objects from across the ages.
Fragonard website.